Baby Esme

Not too long ago, I got to visit Cassie and Mark, friends from church who have recently become parents. Their love is something I have looked up to for years and has now birthed beautiful, clever baby Esme. I hope you find their family as lovely as I do:

DePaul Orientation Leaders 2012

Another intro video I got to make this year. What an attractive staff!

The Prodigal Son

I made this film with my younger brother to portray one of the most revolutionary concepts in our world – grace. Through our hard work, diligent editing, and strong supervising skills, we were able to create this film with a cast of 40+ young people within a 48-hour deadline. Even though it was completed so quickly, the finished product was polished, not hurried, and

J & K + H

Joy and Kyle have posed in front of my camera during their engagement, on their wedding day, and now in the anticipation of their first child. In a few months, I will get to take pictures of another Wendling…little Hollings Frances-May. :)




This is a PSA I created, narrated by my friend Luis and featuring the guys down at St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen.

“1 in 6 women have survived an attempted or completed sexual assault.

We are the sons, husbands, and fathers helping the women we love heal.

Are you one of us? Do you know if you are?


Hannah Holtgeerts