The Prodigal Son

I made this film with my younger brother to portray one of the most revolutionary concepts in our world – grace. Through our hard work, diligent editing, and strong supervising skills, we were able to create this film with a cast of 40+ young people within a 48-hour deadline. Even though it was completed so quickly, the finished product was polished, not hurried, and


  1. John Harrell says:

    Howdy again, Hannah! This is incredible work—your use of lighting/color (as in, for example, the prodigal’s running away into a sea of light at the beginning) and music (especially in the shift to party-mode), and I’m kinda excited that the prodigal was wearing a sports jersey back in the day. :-) (Hebrews-vs.-Jebusites soccer would have been quite the show, methinks. . . .) AMAZING work—how do you do it?!?!

    The Scriptures often become much more real when spoken “from the lips of children and infants”, which just makes your video more incredible. Thanks for sharing this with the world, and please, whatever you do, don’t stop. :-) Peace, –John Harrell

Hannah Holtgeerts