Slow Flowers Indiegogo

Debra Prinzing came into my life as Ben’s mom and has now become one of my greatest inspirations. She is arguably the greatest advocate for locally grown flowers, writing books and publishing a weekly podcast (which I have the honor of editing) to gain momentum for this movement.

She is working to raise funds for a new website,, that will act as an online directory of sustainability-focused florists and farmers across the country. Please consider contributing to her Indiegogo campaign here.

My brother Luke and I created the informational video on the Indiegogo campaign page as a promotional piece for potential donors. At this point, the campaign has already raised more than $1000 each day since it launched. What a fantastic reflection of the flower community!




  1. dkprinzing says:

    Announcement~ Hannah and Luke, thanks to your amazing talents as filmmakers, this video helped make the Indiegogo campaign a HUGE success! We wrapped up the 45-day campaign with the project funded at more than 150% of the goal! And your video was a pivotal element of the campaign to launch! THANK YOU for your great work!

Hannah Holtgeerts