Baby Hollings

I have seen Joy and Kyle be engaged, married, and pregnant. Today I got to see them be parents.

Baby girl Hollings came into this world with a shock of blonde hair, two loving parents, and an incredibly supportive community. What a little nugget.

Merry Christmas,


Gillian Westerman – Headshots

On Monday I returned to the lovely Anacortes, WA and was greeted by the community that raised me. Gillian Westerman is the music director at the church I grew up in and ecstatic when she asked me to take some head shots for her. Her smile sings as bright as her voice.


This man has brought many things into my life – peanut butter, laughter, conversation, a love for oatmeal, Montana skies, Ethiopian food, tender Mumford & Sons and Needtobreathe covers, free chairs, the Heartland Cafe, awareness, stretching, and many, many trees.

I hope one day you can meet him and talk about jazz theory, wheel gymnastics, file management, or all the ways that one man on rollerblades can change the world. He has certainly changed mine.

Babysitter – Photographer

While looking through some old photos, I found these from a year ago. I took them while babysitting a family that I have watched grow from little bumps in their mama’s belly to the three full-fledged, hilarious, responsible, tender siblings they are today.

If you are looking for a babysitter/photographer package, feel free to contact me! Home portraits are much less hectic than studio sessions and a great way to capture all that nostalgia of the physical space where your children grow up. It’s hassle-free and a great excuse for a parents’ night out.

CFH RA Staff Headshots

I am an RA this year for the university I attend and back in August when there was warm sunshine, I took these photos of my hilarious, gorgeous, and tremendously caring co-workers. I also created an introductory video as well that you can see here.

These are good people doing great things.

Hannah Holtgeerts