National Film Festival for Talented Youth

Last weekend I got to fly back to Seattle and surprise my family for a wonderful 48 hours together. A short film that my brothers and I made got into the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (a festival all three of us have been a part of for years – good times!) so I wanted to celebrate that time with them.

It’s such a surreal experience to see the boys I played with growing up become the young men that they are now.

I can’t even imagine what my parents feel like.

Liz & Rob – Engaged!

Rob has been one of the most pivotal people in my college career and through him I’ve met Liz, his lovely bride-to-be. The two of them are hilarious, tender, and genuinely great human beings. Next week I’ll be photographing their wedding – it’s going to be a blast and a half.

Here are some snippets from our engagement session last month:

Katie & Kelsey {Portfolio Headshots}

Katie and I met at Orientation over two years ago. We are both tall blondes, from the West Coast, graduating in three years, in DePaul’s College of Communication, have last names that start with the letter H, love Annette’s Ice Cream, and are total goofs. Anyone who knows her can attest that she is a ray of San Diego sunshine, so when she asked me to snap some headshots of herself and a friend as they develop their professional portfolios, I was honored to be part of the picture.

If you or anyone you know is looking for affordable, professional headshots, I am a big fan of student discounts and creative payments (i.e. unused gift cards, bottles of wine, an unwanted futon, random cooking supplies, etc).

Simply send me an email!

Monica & Dan {Engaged!}

Monica and Dan are recent graduates of DePaul University, both on their ways to great careers and a wonderful life together. We frolicked around campus, soaking up the last sunlight as summer turns into September. Their wedding is on June 15th – I know their day is going to be as beautiful as they are.


J & K + H

Joy and Kyle have posed in front of my camera during their engagement, on their wedding day, and now in the anticipation of their first child. In a few months, I will get to take pictures of another Wendling…little Hollings Frances-May. :)


Hannah Holtgeerts