Monica & Dan got married!

Monica and Dan celebrated a lovely day of family, bubbles, dog in tuxedos, and the color blue. They put tremendous work into making this wedding come together – it turned out beautifully. I hope you enjoy seeing their love as much as I did!

Baby Remy & Her Family

Robin, a cousin of my good friend Rachel, contacted me asking if I could capture this moment in her family’s life – Olive the dog is finally a big sister, Rich is a proud father, Robin is a beaming mother, and baby Remy is shining her face for the world. We spent time at North Pond, a lovely spot on Chicago’s north side, and I got to see their love in the sunlight.

It was such a joy to take pictures of the curiosity, laughter, and life on Remy’s face – see for yourself:


The Baca Siblings

Matt and I have been working together all year, babysitting/policing the residents on our floor (who we occasionally and affectionately refer to as “the babies”). When I found out that his mom wanted me to take pictures of him and his sisters, I was stoked.

Many people know my brothers mean the world to me; I was honored to see another set of siblings in action. We smiled, swapped silly memories, and struck some fierce poses while playing in their fairytale backyard with a cousin and special friend. Overall, it was a hilarious day – I think you can see the giggles.

I don’t remember who, but someone once told me that “siblings are like friends who can come over whenever – you don’t even have to ask.” Keep on loving each other onto adulthood, you beautiful Baca children. You have no idea how lucky you are to have each other.


Katie & Erin

Katie has come in front of my camera a few times before…this girl is a lovely person to be around and always introduces me to the best people. Her friend Erin was visiting from California and so we decided to snap some photos before graduation rolls around.

Here are the highlights of our playdate outside:

Dan & Brigette

A few weeks ago, Dan contacted me about taking pictures of his surprise wedding proposal. By the end of the month, I found myself at the nature boardwalk in Lincoln Park with a lovely afternoon, perfect weather, and a stunning view of the skyline. And Dan? He found himself engaged.

It should be said that I have taken many pictures of the words “yes, I do” but this was the first time I had ever witnessed anyone say “yes, I will.” It was one of the most beautiful, intimate, energy-filled things I have ever seen – I am tremendously honored and thankful to have been included in this beautifully joyous moment. So much love!


Hannah Holtgeerts