Kim & Kellen are Engaged!

Kim and Kellen are in love – you can see it in their smiles. We spent the afternoon at Magnuson Park in Seattle, taking pictures in the sunlight and laughing about Kim and Kellen’s “future home” (see shack below). Overall, I had a lovely time with these two and can’t wait to photograph their wedding next spring.


National Film Festival for Talented Youth

Last weekend I got to fly back to Seattle and surprise my family for a wonderful 48 hours together. A short film that my brothers and I made got into the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (a festival all three of us have been a part of for years – good times!) so I wanted to celebrate that time with them.

It’s such a surreal experience to see the boys I played with growing up become the young men that they are now.

I can’t even imagine what my parents feel like.

J & K + H

Joy and Kyle have posed in front of my camera during their engagement, on their wedding day, and now in the anticipation of their first child. In a few months, I will get to take pictures of another Wendling…little Hollings Frances-May. :)


Mark & Mila

Hannah Holtgeerts