Henry Visits Chicago 2014

So my kid brother got to visit for his spring break. We’ve been sharing friends, music, foods, and giggles. Also, we’ve taken some pictures:

Parker Headshots

Parker is a hilarious, warm, compassionate storyteller with a gift for improv and music. He came to Chicago to be a part of the service year program my partner belongs to, and now has plopped himself into the thick of things here. Parker is about to audition for the Second City conservatory and knows how to pose. See here:

Raych Jackson “Dragon”

Raych Jackson is a phenomenal spoken-word artist, 3rd Grade teacher in Chicago Public Schools, and all around super human. Here is the first of hopefully many collaborations to come:

Jordan Rome

As a young professional, I am always excited to partner with others who are beginning their careers. Jordan and I went to school together and through random connections realized that I could take some headshots for her and she could give me some cool clothes, fine wine, and a spa treatment at her day job in return. I love circumventing capitalism when possible.

Look out for this face.

Midwest Cold

The Chicago River is finally beginning to thaw after the Polar Vortex 2.0. I snapped these pictures across the street from my work earlier today.

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