Emily Drake Professional Photos

Emily Drake is one of those warm souls that immediately makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. She conducted a training about future career planning through my program (a terrifying topic for anyone in AmeriCorps), and her positive professionalism lowered my stress levels while giving me concrete steps to keep moving forward. We met up for coffee and when I mentioned that I do photography, she said she needed some head shots. Our collaboration led to some incredible conversation and these fabulous photos:

Marianne & Albert are Getting Married (again)!

A few months ago, I got to photograph the woman I share an office with (my “day roommate” as she calls herself) and her hilarious husband as they legally were married at a courthouse in Chicago. With their church ceremony coming up some time next summer, we decided to do another shoot – this time in the sun, not the snow. Here are Marianne and Albert, two of my favorite foodies and one of my favorite couples:

Sibling Photography

As someone who counts her two little brothers as two of her best friends, I am always over the moon excited to photograph siblings. When a co-worker recently asked me to snap some shots of her kiddos for Father’s Day, I was overjoyed. I hope you find these two as silly, smart, and tender as I do.

Andy & Luis

Andy and Luis are two great young men who I go to church with. I’ve always admired Luis’s style and have wanted to photograph him for a while, so when he suggested that I get some new headshots of Andy for his acting career, I was excited to photograph both of them together.

Baby Esme

Not too long ago, I got to visit Cassie and Mark, friends from church who have recently become parents. Their love is something I have looked up to for years and has now birthed beautiful, clever baby Esme. I hope you find their family as lovely as I do:

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