Dan & Brigette

A few weeks ago, Dan contacted me about taking pictures of his surprise wedding proposal. By the end of the month, I found myself at the nature boardwalk in Lincoln Park with a lovely afternoon, perfect weather, and a stunning view of the skyline. And Dan? He found himself engaged.

It should be said that I have taken many pictures of the words “yes, I do” but this was the first time I had ever witnessed anyone say “yes, I will.” It was one of the most beautiful, intimate, energy-filled things I have ever seen – I am tremendously honored and thankful to have been included in this beautifully joyous moment. So much love!


Liz & Rob Got Married!

Good times, beautiful people, lovely love. I am so blessed to know Liz & Rob and was honored to participate in this joyous celebration – here’s to a full future together!

Liz & Rob – Engaged!

Rob has been one of the most pivotal people in my college career and through him I’ve met Liz, his lovely bride-to-be. The two of them are hilarious, tender, and genuinely great human beings. Next week I’ll be photographing their wedding – it’s going to be a blast and a half.

Here are some snippets from our engagement session last month:

Monica & Dan {Engaged!}

Monica and Dan are recent graduates of DePaul University, both on their ways to great careers and a wonderful life together. We frolicked around campus, soaking up the last sunlight as summer turns into September. Their wedding is on June 15th – I know their day is going to be as beautiful as they are.


J & K + H

Joy and Kyle have posed in front of my camera during their engagement, on their wedding day, and now in the anticipation of their first child. In a few months, I will get to take pictures of another Wendling…little Hollings Frances-May. :)


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